Confessions of a reformed party girl

confessions of a reformed party girl Ok, I confess, I was the party girl, and no, not like the girl who is the life of the party, more the girl who made partying her life. My twenties did not turn out to be the “best years of my life” as I had naively hoped when embarking out into the real world. In fact, by all accounts, I was a hot mess for most of my twenties, on a path of self-destruction, all the promise that I once held, I pissed away. Life was fun, one party after another, fun ALL the time. Until it wasn’t.

As my thirties approached, it became painfully obvious, somewhere, I had lost my way. I was stuck in this life of superficial friends and abandoned dreams. And even though one bad thing after another kept happening, I didn’t change course. I continued to punish myself, for mistakes both real and imagined, but…

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