Tuesday: Fun With Kokology

Kokology, the study of kokoro (or mind/spirit), asks you to answer questions about seemingly innocent topics,and your responses are said to  reveal something deeper about yourself.

So let’s have some fun for the inaugural Tuesday: Fun with Kokology!

Open Doors

Open Doors (Photo credit: *Fede*)

It isn’t every day that you have the time to take a leisurely stroll around the neighborhood: a stroll without purpose or destination, a chance to stretch the legs, let the mind wander, and get reacquainted with some old familiar sights. On your way, perhaps you’d stop in at a quaint coffee shop, explore the twists and turns of the paths at your favorite park, or take some time to window shop. Then there are the days when it’s enough just to let your feet decide your course…

 Picture yourself on a stroll through town. The day is beautiful and you are half lost in a daydream. You turn onto a street that you’ve never been down before, and you walk past a beautiful house set somewhat back from the street. Pausing a moment to admire the lovely home, you notice the door is half-open. Why is the door ajar?

  1. The house is being burglarized
  2. The owner forgot to close it
  3. The owner is inside, sweeping out the entrance way.
Question mark

Question mark (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

What Your Answer Reveals

Doors have a twofold significance: they may be passageways, but they can be barriers as well. In particular, the front door of a house represents its’ first line of defense, all that stands before the inhabitants and the uncertainties of the outside world. By imagining as open a door that should normally remain closed, you envision a scenario of vulnerability and exposure. On a subconscious level, the reason you imagined for the door being open is linked to the way that you leave yourself open and expose your own weaknesses and vulnerabilities in others.

  1. The house being burglarized. You instantly assume the worst in any situation, and this trait is nowhere more evident than when things actually do go wrong. You never get flustered in a crisis, but only because your much too busy panicking. So the next time disaster strikes, it is important to keep a clear head and remember to take a few deep breaths first and count to ten.
  2. The owner forgot to close it. You aren’t the type to get carried away in crisis situations. On the contrary, you are so relaxed that you may not notice a crisis is occurring at all. The mistakes you make are caused more by oversight than bad intentions, but the end results for you (and the people around you) are the same.
  3. The owner is inside, sweeping out the entrance way. You may appear to be a laid-back sort, but you never let your guard down. Achieving that constant state of relaxed alertness is what has made you into the mature individual you are. Of course, you still have your human weaknesses; you just don’t put them on display for the world to see.

Have a great Tuesday and remember that you can learn something from any experience if you allow yourself to remain open and receptive.

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